Seo-Hyun Park

Chair of the Asian Studies Program
Associate Professor, Department of Government and Law
Kirby 100

Paul D. Barclay

Professor, Department of History
309 Ramer History House

Il Hyun Cho

Associate Professor, Asian Studies Program/Department of Government and Law
Kirby Hall of Civil Rights, Room 102
(610) 330-5391

Ingrid Furniss

Associate Professor of Asian Art
205 Williams Center for the Arts
(610) 330-5866

Naoko Ikegami

Instructor of Japanese Language, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
436 Pardee Hall

Hafsa Kanjwal

Assistant Professor of History
302 Ramer History House

Han Luo

Assistant Professor of Chinese, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
431 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-3073

Youshaa Patel

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
325 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5185

Robin Rinehart

Professor, Department of Religious Studies
Pardee 327
(610) 330-5179
(610) 330-5585

David C. Stifel

Professor, Department of Economics
(610) 330-5673

J. Larry Stockton

Professor, Department of Music
238 Williams Center

Neha Vora

Associate Professor of Anthropology
OCGE 305
(610) 330-5578